Rainbow Art

You may have seen this done before, I found the idea on Pinterest and just had to give it a go!
You'll need:

  • Lots and lots of crayons - I bought mine from the dollar shop and (delightfully) they came in ombre shades of every colour of the rainbow - $2 for a pack of 50!
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Heavy card or as I've used here - a canvas - again from the dollar shop
  • A large sheet to cover your surface
  • Somewhere that you can stand up your card or canvas, as gravity is what helps our art form
  • Heat gun
So I used my bench top as it has a higher counter behind it, and then I draped an old sheet over the lot.  You'll need this because as the crayon melts it can "spit" and fly away with the force of the heat gun behind it!  

Then you'll use your glue gun to carefully glue each crayon at the top of your canvas.  I just ran a bead of glue down the length of the crayon and then stuck down.  Take care to ensure that your crayons are straight. 

Now the fun begins.  Stand your canvas upright and turn on your heat gun.  Sophia helped me with this part - it's that easy.  Some instructions say to use a hair dryer, but the heat gun warms up the crayons really easily and doesn't blow the wax as much as the hair dryer.  To begin with, it takes a few seconds for the wax to heat up and we waved the heat gun back and forth across the crayons so they dripped evenly.  You can point the heat gun at a certain direction to spread the wax and ensure an even coverage.  This is where splattering can happen.  I found the wax would fly off the side of the canvas, so a drop cloth is a must!

We have also created this project using Crayola watercolour crayons with limited success, they also only came in packs of 12 of one colour each.  The beautiful rainbow effect wasn't as pretty as the above project, so you really need the omber effect for a true rainbow.  The crayons did melt, but not as much, and they definitely didn't drip as well either - so good ol' cheapy crayons win this round!

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