Clean & Shiny!

I just found the most awesome tip on Pinterest!  How to clean your jewelry using a few simple items that you already have in your cupboard!

You will need:

  • One glass bowl
  • Enough alfoil to cover the inside surface of the bowl
  • Bi-Carbonate Soda
  • Boiling water
  • Jewellery
  • Tongs
  • Toothbrush
Please note - after some researching I have learned that this preparation is not suitable for lampwork beads (like mine) cause the boiling water can make them crack, delicate jewelry or pearls (they are too soft).

First you have to line your bowl with alfoil/tinfoil.  I put it in with the shiny side up.  I don't think it matters.  You need the alfoil because it causes a chemical reaction with the between the alfoil and the tarnish.  The bi-carb acts as an electrolyte which causes the tarnish to transfer from your jewelry to the alfoil!

Okay so you have your shiny bowl all ready, pop your jewelry into the bottom.  I used my Pandora bracelet.  I've been having trouble getting the Pandora store near me to actually clean it, hence why I found my own way!

Then cover your jewelry with a good layer of bicarb.  Now the fun begins.  With your kettle or jug freshly boiled, pour the water into the bowl and onto the bicarb and watch the bubbles!  There's frothing and bubbling and there is also a yucky smell - so don't breathe it in cause you might try to wear the bowl and look for aliens!

Once all the bubbling has stopped and your jewelry looks clean, grab a pair of tongs and an old toothbrush and give those fiddly spots a little scrub.  I gently scrubbed all the areas where the tarnish really showed up, behind any gems, just anywhere that looked like it needed a little more work.  Honestly though there wasn't much left to clean!

You then take your jewelry out of the bicarb solution and rinse it well under water.  Again I used the toothbrush to ensure all traces of bicarb have been removed.

If you look at the last picture you can compare it with the top one.  I didn't have the best light as I did this at 9.30pm but you can see all the tiny grooves are tarnish free, the scroll charm was completely black and now is shiny and legible, the camera is bright and sparkly and my butterfly are clear and free of blackening.  My bracelet looks as good as new!!!

I immediately went and cleaned my wedding rings next!  I just tipped out the old solution, boiled the water again and repeated the above steps.  They're so bright now!  Just like the day I started wearing them!  I'm going to try the girls sterling silver dinnerware next (when I get them out of packing!)

(Disclaimer: Please take care when cleaning your precious jewelry and try at your own risk).
This image is from Pandora online.  It's missing my Tiki & Purple Sparkle charm from Michael Hill Jeweler.

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