This little Piggy

Oh piglets are the cutest little creatures aren't they!  I learned today though that they are also really soft and furry.  I totally expected them to have wiry fur and smell funny, but these little boys were so soft and warm and loved to have cuddles.

The teachers at the day care centre where the piglets are, have taught them to come running when you tap on their bowl, or their bed.  The pair of them high-tail it across the yard to you honking and squeaking.  It's so cute.

Sophia immediately wanted to climb in their little enclosure and cuddle them, so we sat her on a foam square and put a piglet in her lap.  She quickly realised that they are very wiggly and move about a lot.  After about an hour they had their lunch which was some milk in a big bowl.  Both of the piglets had climbed into the bowl by the end of their meal!  Then they were ready for bed.  Their little eyes got droopy and they would fall asleep in your arms.  They snuggled into their bed of blankets and toys and snoozed for the rest of the afternoon while Sophia went off to discover chickens, doves and ducks.

For this layout I used a template from Traci Reed and the digi elements are from Kristen Aagard.

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