Our wonderfully busy day

Well today started out like any normal day - Jas was sleeping because he's on night shift and I was keeping the girls busy so they didn't wake him.  I didn't have to try hard today.  Amber seemed content with watching movies in her room so it was just Sophia and I to have some fun!

First up we dug out a colander and cutlery that we had bought months ago at an op-shop and hadn't got around to using yet.  We cut up 22 pieces of string and threaded them through the holes in the colander and knotted them.  Then Sophia marked the ends of the cutlery with a black dot sot that we could drill holes in them.  We went outside and using some wood offcuts we drilled through the cutlery into the wood.  Then we tied the strings to the cutlery.  I added some string through the holes in the bottom of the colander so that we could hang up our chimes.  We took them out to the tree in our front yard and hung the chimes up.  Even while we are playing inside, you van here them in the breeze!!  They also sparkle and refract the sunlight that hits them!
Our next activity was to make our own Puffy Paint.  We combined 2 tbs of self raising flower, 2tbs of salt, some drops of food coloring and then enough water to create a paste.  Using some cardboard (we cut up some old cereal boxes) we painted using a paintbrush and talked about how it felt and the difference between using real paint and this paint.  When we were happy with our painting we popped the card into the microwave and zapped it for 25-30 seconds.  Right before your eyes your art comes to life and puffs up.  Once you have taken your art from the microwave, don't touch it because it's very hot.  Wait til it's cooled and then discover all the wonderful textures your art has.  Close your eyes and feel your way around your art and try to guess what colour you're touching.  We discovered that we made new colours when the puffing started.
Time for lunch - Bento style!!  We're having lots of fun with all our Bento goodies and trying new ways of displaying our food.  Sophia decided we should make the birds some lunch too - so this started our next activity!
Our bird feeders consister of a paper towel roll cut in half, some peanut butter and some bird seed.  Sophia used a child safe knife to spread peanut butter all over her cardboard tube.  Then she rolled it in the seed.  We went outside to thread it onto a branch for the birds to find.  We also refilled our very popular bird house which had grown a bit of grass from the rain!
This was another op-shop find for $3!  It started off at kindy where we would watch the Lorikeets fly in for breakfast, then I bought it home (cause I wasn't at kindy anymore) and now we get to watch from our lounge room.

So what have you got up to day?  I'm off to make some cards....

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