Birthday Boy

I can't believe our big fur ball is ONE!!  Zeus arrived at our house (after a hairy ride along the motorway with him on my shoulder and his nose in my ear) all excited and wondrous about the world around him.  He was a plump fuzzy little fellow who was only learning about grass for the first time, and wasn't sure about all the new noises around him.  I surprised the girls by bringing them outside to greet him.  Zeus was with his daddy in the fort and was so excited about seeing the girls he flopped, tumbled and ran over to meet them.  The girls spent all afternoon outside with him, talking to him and introducing him to things like bikes, plants, Sophia's bear and the cat.  Tabitha immediately took a dislike to him, and that hasn't changed all these months later. Zeus has firmly planted himself in our family as our "big boy".  He's like a big stinky teenager (he eats from the bin, makes a mess and likes to take over the sofa!).  His favourite toy at the moment is an old plastic bottle filled with treats, a tug toy and anything else not nailed down (I've lost brooms, mops, clothes, mats, pillows, and more recently Sophia's bear's arms!)  But you know what I wouldn't have him any other way.  I love the way he is always smiling and happy (except when the ant bit him this morning  then he cried and cried) but usually he will give you hugs and kisses - yes he stands on his back legs and hugs you! He will lean on you when you pat and rub his head and ears.  He loves a good belly rub, he forgets his name when he's at the dog park and likes to run small dogs and children over.  He forgets he's so big for a puppy!  Happy birthday my gorgeous boy!!!


Leslie Germain said...

Sarah - great layout - love the colors!!

Cindy Gay said...

Fun page for the birthday boy!

Glenda Atkins said...

fabulous layout, great looking dog!

Desire Fourie said...

Such a cheerful layout and I love the little banners, not to speak of the fur baby.
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