The end of March

Can you believe it's the end of March - it's not long now til Winter!!  The weather is starting to cool down a little here in Queensland, but Summer isn't going down without a fight and we are experiencing some late in the season thunderstorms and some unusually high temperatures.

We have enjoyed our March with the celebrations of St Patrick's day and my FIL's 60th birthday.  My eldest has also celebrated her 12th birthday party and yesterday it was my 13th Wedding anniversary - phew it's been a busy month.  Oh yes and I also started Uni!!  Yes I'm officially a student now (my card came in the mail) and while it's still quite daunting, I'm having fun meeting people in a whole new forum other than crafting (I'm no stranger to having friends online and living in my computer!)

So here's a few little photos of our Month so far and the crafty stuff we get up to:
This is a great activity - we laid out some paper and then cut a green capsicum in half.  We dipped the cut side in green pain and created clovers for St Patrick's Day!!  Sophia loved this activity as it was on such large paper and it made a great *smack* sound when she whacked the capsicum on the paper.
This was our afternoon tea - a mix of different flavours but all the same colour.  A great activity for hand eye coordination and for learning about our sense of smell and taste.
Here's a digi layout of our fruit Echidnas - yep they're completely edible and totally fun to make!  Just peel the top half of a pear, leaving the stalk.  Then using a toothpick attach rows of grapes to form the quills of the Echidna.  Lastly add some cloves for eyes.  Sophia ended up taking her Echidna to kindy for show an tell the next day and the pear didn't even brown!

Hope you're all having a lovely March wherever you are!


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Cindy Gay said...

Your edible porcupines are great! Very creative!