Happy Valentines!!

Happy Valentines - I hope you all had a wonderful day!

I spent an entire week getting ready for Valentine's day this year.  I always try to make something for my hubby, I think Valentine's day is the perfect day to make something from the heart, something extra special and with meaning.  So this Valentine's day I chose the Star Wars theme.  Hubby absolutely loves Star Wars and all it's spin-offs, characters and anything relating to it.  The book you see in the photo is actually part of an awesome set that I bought for hubby at Christmas.  It comes in this special silver crypt that, when a button is pressed, flashes blue while two doors open and the book is raised up to you on a platform - all it needs is smoke cause it even has a little tune sound effect!  Any way, I used it as a prop here.  The book itself is like a school text book, it has torn pages, doodling in the margins, badges, a serviet with drawings on it (as seen here) coins, a lock of hair and all sorts of other goodies.  SO.... To continue this theme I chose Chewy as my character of choice.  I googled for a digital image that I could use on my card.  This one, which I thought was absolutely adorable can be found in colour and outlined (which I used here, then coloured with copics) at James Stowe's blog if you look through his blog you'll find a dozen other starwars themed valentines too - he's a fantastic artist!!
Here's a little close-up.  I glossed up the storm troopers body parts (cause they are always so immaculately clean and shiny!) and I added some googly eyes - he just looks so much cuter this way!  As for the inspiration for the card, I used a sketch from The Sweet Stop (SSS145)

This is the inside of the card.  I created the patterned paper by scanning parts of the book and printing it.  I used scanned paper for the front of the card and this insert.  I used the Bobbafont to leave a message just for hubby inside the card.

Now for the rest of the Valentine gift.  I created 4 little milk cartons from Bazzill, then adorned them with Star Wars images (which I found at GadgetSin.com)  The milk carton template can be found at Mirkwood Designs and is really simple to use.
Here you can see the little Chewy character (he makes noises when you push on his tummy!) plus the 4 little cartons and the carrier.  I created the carrier myself using the cartons' measurements - I really wish I had an oval cutter!  I filled the little cartons with hubby's favourite chocolates, each container has a different flavour.

This photo shows the four different characters: Vader, Storm Trooper, Chewy with C3PO and Yoda.

By the way - hubby loved his gift, and it's sitting proudly out on the table for everyone to see - oh and he brought me the most gorgeous bunch of pink lillies.  The house smells amazing and the buds just keep opening each day to enjoy.  What a blessed Valentine's Day!!


Shannon White said...

Oh What a Wonderful card and treat holders set! I just know your Hubby really Loved this! Love the Star wars theme too! The image on your card is so Fun and Adorable! So glad you could play along with us at the Sweet Stop! 8-)

christine mae Engcoy said...

This is very wonderful and excellent work of arts! I love it! I wish I could make something like that. In terms of image printing, it is more impressive when EPSON Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper is being used in order to sustain its longevity for attaching images. Great job.!