Is there a doctor in the house?

Here's a layout about Sophia being a doctor.  She loves to help and fix things - especially animals!  We had not long visited Australia Zoo when we came across this elephant at kindy that had popped a seam and his stuffing was falling out.  Sophia wrapped him up and brought him home for me to help her "fix" him.

We laid out a sheet on the table and Sophia put on her doctor jacket, shirt and pants.  She got her Doctor's bag full of stethoscopes, syringes, blood pressure cuffs and  bandages.

Then we got to work.

Sophia reassured the elephant and talked to it by telling it what she was going to to.  She gave "Elly" and needle to put her to sleep and I went about stitching up her "sore leg".  Then Sophia checked Elly's vitals, gave her some medicine and applied some bandaids and bandages.  We even managed to find some cotton wool balls and a lolly pop (for the Doctor) for after the operation!

When the whole operation was complete Sophia gave Elly a kiss on her head and monitored her for the afternoon.

Elly is now in full health and has returned to her life at kindy.

I've clustered these embellies and made some 3D by using some 3D foam dots.  I used a ticket, stickers, little doile papers (I cut one in half to create two), some ribbon that I pleated and a journalling card.
Because of the stitching that we did on Elly, I added some little stitches with thread and needle to the sticker letters in the title and the sticker loopy line (brown) that you can see in this photo.

This layout was created for the "clustering on layouts" theme that we have going over at Practical Scrappers.


Faith A said...

Aw! how lovely for ambitions to be fed with wonderful images. Lovely layout. Love your other projects too.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my card, it's much appreciated.

Melanie said...

Just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter. Adorable xo

Izzyb said...

I love everything about this. The story is so sweet. Little Sophia is a dear. Great page. I just LOVE the crutches as an embellie.

Great blog, too. I am a new follower.

Sherry C said...

Adorable layout and such sweet pics!
P.S. I'm not sure if all cats like snow, but ours does. :)

Krafthead said...

Absolutely ADORABLE! The crutches are too cute~

Sue said...

Gorgeous layout! Love the photos they are so cute! A possible Vet or Doctor in the makings here :)

Karen said...

This is so cute!! It always looks like you all have so much fun!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Gosh, this is adorable. What a beautiful page filled with wonderful photos of your daughter.