I made a baby!

This right here is a nappy/diaper baby.  He or she is made entirely out of newborn nappies then dressed in a onesie, mittens, bib, beanie, sunnies, dummy and play toy.

I made this baby as something different from a nappy cake.  I was also going to be taking it to an outdoor baby shower in a park and I figured hauling a cake across carparks, stairs, water play toys and along paths was just not going to go well.  So I thought a baby would be better.

Now I can't take full credit for this idea as I happened apon some on the internet.  Apparently they've been around a while, some creative genius thought of it and I'm happy that by looking at some pictures I managed to quite easily make my own.

There are three rolls of nappies for the head and body and then I fashioned arms and legs from 2 nappies a piece.  It's all held together with strong rubberbands because I didn't want to damage any of the nappies so they could be used in the future.  The clothes are gender neutral as we didn't no whether the mother was having a boy or girl.
The nappy baby is newborn size and was quite often mistaken for the real thing until strangers took a closer look - considering the heat we are having I can't imagine dressing a real baby from head to toe like this at the moment!  Sophia picked the little toy the baby is hugging.
A side view of the baby sitting.
This is another baby that I made for Amber's school teacher.  Unfortunately I only took photos on my phone!  So this is the only one.  Sophia chose the colours and accessories.  This baby had a cute onesie that had flip-over mittens - they're created as part of the sleeves.

Both Mother-to-be's were delighted with their babies.  The first mother actually staged a family photo with hers and the second baby is already tucked into bed in his/her new home!  I can't wait to make more babies!!


FP said...

Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
Best wishes

Sue said...

That is just so so SO adorable! You are very clever! I love nappycakes but I LOVE this more!!!