Altered Cookie Cutters

Ever wanted to make something really neat for your tree (or someone elses), that is different from the usual decoration?  Well today I'm going to show you how to make altered cookie cutters that you're going to want to cover your tree in!

Firstly you're going to need a few things:

Some shaped cookie cutters - metal or plastic - I chose a reindeer and Santa himself :)
 You'll also need some patterened paper and co-ordinating ribbon, scissors, a glue gun, adhesive (I used my ATG), pen/pencil and any embellishments you like.
First up, chose your paper and with the pattern you want to see in the cookie cutter facing up.  Trace around your cookie cutter with your pen/pencil.

Using your scissors, cut around the drawn shape about 5mm away from the line.  Then snip all around the edge, from the outside edge into the line.
Once the edge is completely snipped, add adhesive over the top of all the tabs.  I used my ATG gun and just ran it around the entire outer edge.  Sit the paper on the cookie cutter (so that the lines line up with the shape) and press down all the little tabs.  The adhesive will stick to the cutter and stay put.  Do this for the entire cookie cutter.

Take a strip of ribbon and add adhesive.  Again I used my ATG gun.  Then gently line up the ribbon with the edge of the cookie cutter, and over the little tabs created from the paper and press down.  Do this for the entire cookie cutter.

Now you can embellish to your hearts content!
I used chipboard shapes that I frosted in white flocking.  I created some candy canes and added a poinsettia flower.  If you have a Crop-a-dile, you could put a hole in the top of the cutter and thread your ribbon through.  I had to hot glue mine on.

A variation on this idea is to put in a piece of acetate before putting on the backing paper.  You can then fill your cookie cutter with sweets/candy/tiny toys before gifting it.


Sue said...

OMG!! These are just the cutest!! Love them as little ornaments but they would make excellent little gifts!! Thank you for sharing, just love this idea and I might have to pinch it :)

BrendaB said...

How cute!

Melissa said...

Sarah, this is so adorable!! Thanks for the awesome instructions - I must try this!

Heather Landry said...

Oh wow what a cute project! I love the ribbon around the edge of the cookie cutter. Super pretty!

Ursula Schneider said...

this is a great idea! I love love love it! TFS

Elizabeth said...

GREAT idea! Super cute and great for a kid's craft too! tfs