Would you like a cup of tea?

There is something that we love to do in our house - and that's have cups of tea on the patio when the weather is warm.  Sophia absolutely loves having tea parties, sometimes they are with real food and drink and other times it's with her favourite tea set from Gramma.  She will sit for ages and drink cups of tea, pouring into all the cups and then giving them out to her gather of friends or to family members.

There is never a shortage of "tea" around when you have little girls that's for sure.  It's so wonderful to watch both of the girls playing together in the sunshine, pretending and role playing.  Everything seems right in the world when you have a tea cup and a tea pot full of pretend tea!

For this layout I used lots of colour, texture and of course flowers!  We're actually growing our own sunflowers out in the garden, so watch for that layout soon!  The last batch grew to 7ft tall!  Amber was only Sophia's age when we last did that!

Any way.  I've also used letter stickers, ribbon, tickets and a little die-cut tab that I got at Easter from my Sassy Sister Colleen.
It's hard to believe I picked these flowers up at the dollar store!  I love them.  They are so detailed and beautifully layered.  I added a little Stickles to the leaves, they they come beautiful on their own.  The tickets are Sticko stickers in the Valentines theme.

This layout uses a sketch from Page Maps

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Callie @ Scrap Happy NZ said...

Gorgeous! Tea parties are awesome, as are picnics too come to think of it.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my page btw! :)