Not so long ago (in a galaxy far far away) a little boy in the Preschool room of my centre brought in his beloved pet Python for show and tell.  It was about 7ft long and thankfully quite sleeply due to the season.  He's an East Coast Python and had no fangs - perhaps this is what drove me to thinking it was okay to do what I did next!

I asked to have a hold.  Clearly I was out of my mind, but I had watched the little boy with his smaller pet snake (yes there were two) and he treated it like a rubber snake, they way he held it, let it sit on the floor and talked about it.  It just didn't seem real!  So my bravado kicked into high gear and thus resulted the photos you see on the left.  The snake was quite heavy and I was astonished as to how cold it was.  The snake happily checked out my jacket and sniffed the flowers in my hear.  It poked it's tongue a few times and then decided to curl up in the hood on my jacket.  I guess it was nice and cozy.  It was at that moment that I opened my eyes and turned to look left.  Well Mr Snake was coming around to great me and planted a huge kiss on my left cheek - I nearly squeeled.  I decided the hug was over and Mr Snake could go back to his little (slightly nuts!) owner.

I truly don't know what possessed me, but like any little kid, I couldn't wait to tell my mum and freak her out with the photos.  She's absolutely petrified of snakes!
Here's a little closeup of my layout showing some of the pp that I used.  I wanted to use some crazy coloured papers as the photos are quite colourful.  The sticks are Doodlebug stickers that I raised on 3D foam tape and tied some silver elastic thread around.

Have you had any close encounters of the WILD kind before?


Elizabeth said...

Great fun layout! And I have to agree with you...OUT. OF. YOUR. MIND! I do NOT like snakes..ewww LOL TFS!

Kristine said...

LOL! I used to be a 5th grade teacher's aid and the classroom had a huge python for a pet. They would leave the snake with me and leave for their lunch and I actually got used to it... didn't really fear it biting or anything~ still, it was a bit too creepy!

SupahWoman said...

Really cute page!
I wasn't too sure where I would be able to respond back to your post on mine so that you would be able to see it! But yes, my little one is growing so much! And me and Jennifer go way back before he superstar status! LOL..we have been friends for a while. =)