Our Foster Family

Meet our little foster chicks!  We had the pleasure of looking after them for about 24hrs back in April/May.

At my childcare centre once a year, we get to incubate a selection of eggs and watch them hatch.  Then once all the chicks have hatched out, they go to the homes of the children in the centre who live on farms and have other chickens.  Our centre ended up being advertised in the newspaper and we had hundreds of phonecalls from the community looking for chickens!  One of those calls went to a lady who organised for 3 chicks to be ready and boxed up to take home at the close of business one afternoon.

That afternoon happened to be a Friday that I was on my late shift, and that lady never turned up.  So the three little chicks and I headed home.  Boy didn't I have some explaining to do.  I can just imagine Jason rolling his eyes and wondering what on earth I'd brought home this time!  He was very calm about the whole situation and helped me look for "new parents" for our chicks (while the girls got attached and toured them around the house).  I seriously did beg Jas for a hen house, but it wasn't going to happen.  So we organised for the chicks to go to one of Amber's friends who already have chickens.  We just had to house and feed them for the night. (And keep them safe from Tabitha!)

The chickens survived the night and were taken to their new home on the Saturday.  The girls still ask about the chickens and we regularly get updates on how they're growing.  We also got 2 dozen eggs as a thank you!
For my layout I used lots of greens in my papers and embellies, and I finally got around to using my last clear Sparrow.  For textured I also crumpled and distressed the dark green pp you can see above.  The title letters "FOSTER" are years old and were found in my stash by complete accident, but they were perfect!


Jackie R. said...

Hi Sarah, Love your little chicks layout! I have a family member that raises chicks! They are adorable. So glad you stopped by my blog! Thank you for the sweet comment.

Heather Landry said...

I love your layout. The story behind it is really special too. Adorable photos! It's too bad your husband wouldn't let you keep them. LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I LOVE baby chicks! Your page is wonderful! Especially the chicks. What a great story. I want to foster baby chicks!! LOL
Really I cant where I live. But I would if I could. I saw your post on CDAC & I'm now a new follower of your blog!

mel said...

awesome journal
sarah i think no i KNOW i am going to love your blog!

sutty said...

Gorgeous chicks - and beautiful LO, love the colours and the embellishments :)

Danielle said...

cute layout! love the pins!

Elizabeth said...

Great work love all the little details. That's a great story! TFS!