You can see my skellington!

Jack Skellington that is - from the Nightmare Before Christmas!  I made this card for my brother's girlfriend Sammie.  She absolutely loves the movie and has her own necklace which you can see in the photo.  She accidentally left it hear on their last visit, and I've been so busy I haven't sent it to her (smack!).  But the visited today and I got to give it to her along with her card (which she says she's now going to frame!!!) I'm so happy she liked it!

I used a few techniques in this card - inking, fussy cutting, paper tolle or 3D decopage and digital imagery.

First up I traced a circle straight onto my card with pencil, then I added yellow ink from the centre and gradually moved to the outer circle forming layers that got darker.  This is how I made the moon.  Then using the same circle (I traced around one of my CM circle cutter shapes), I traced the circle with pencil onto some black cardstock.  I cut the circle out and adhered the black cardstock to the card.  Before this step you may have to gently erase some of the pencil lines if you can see them after you've layered the black card over the top.  Then I created the purple swirl.  I just drew this freehand with pencil and cut it out.  I then used my ink pad and roughly inked all around the edges to create shape and shadow.  The image of Jack was found by searching on Google Images (a fantastic soure!!).  I printed out just like a digital stamp and I didn't have to colour a thing - cause this is the colour of Jack.  I printed two copies so that I could layer parts of the image to create a 3D effect.  To finish I added yellow Stickles around the moon and some black bling to Jack's eyes and around the card.
Here's some closeups:
Here you can see the bling and the 3D effect.  Sammie tells me that the little tombstone/dog house is Jack's ghost dog.
You can see the graduated yellow ink of the moon and the Stickles here - also Jack's eyes.  I used Martha Stewart ink.

The swirl was fun to make - you don't have to be too careful as any creases and extra ink just give it more character!

I used a sketch from Cardabilities for this card - Sketch #32