Bunny travels 9653 miles to new home!

Yep she finally made it!  Back at Easter I joined in an Easter swap with my Sassy Sisters, and the sister I got to spoil was Lisa!!  The idea was to have a large egg and fill it with goodies.  Well do you think I could find any eggs to do what I wanted?  Nope, so I found a paper mache bunny at Spotlight and set about decorating her with lots of spring colour, flowers, tulle, bling and sparkle!
This bunny actually comes raw, so I had to paint her in a couple of coats of white paint and then I created a little tulle skirt.

Now the secret to this little bunny (well it isn't actually that little) was that I wanted to fill it with chocolates!  So I had to work out a way to do this tastefully without chopping bunny in two!
This is how I did it!  I created a little door on her back, just above her tail.  I used an xacto knife to cut the door and then I placed a hinge at the top.  The little skirt hides the door perfectly!  Now for the inside!
I filled the inside of the bunny with more tulle, and then poured in the choccys!!  There are malteaser and m&m eggs, a chocolate Bilby (Bilby's are an endangered species here in Australia that live in the desert), there's little chickens, and a bunch of other chocolates that I was pretty sure you can't find in America!

I tucked them all in, shut the lid and gently packed that little bunny into it's box and finally sent it off.  (Well I'd been asking DH to do it for weeks and he just never did it!  So he sent it express for me!)

Here's a little closeup of the flowers on the bunny's head:
There's paper, ribbon and hand made flowers that my Sassy Sister Cyndi made me - I didn't want to part with them, but they were just perfect on there, and I can't make anything that pretty!  I also added some wooden lady bugs, bling, doodled swirls, feathers, stickers, buttons, leaves and a raffia bow.  The bunny's tail is made from wool - it's wound around and around the paper mache tail to create a furry look.

Now I want to make one for myself - I just love bunnies!


Candace said...

Sarah, that is so cute! I love how you are always so creative by using what supplies you are able to find, whereas Easter stuff is so readily available here. You always shine, though!

Just Jaime said...

Great idea! I like the bunny!

scrapbooking for others said...

What a fun idea, she is super cute!