Gifts for friends

I love giving gifts don't you?!  Especially ones I have made myself.  I love seeing the reaction, the surprise, or when they burst into tears of happiness.
In February I participated in a Valentines swap with my Sassy Sisters, and this is what I sent my Valentine Kelly.  It's a ready made board book, full of papers, bling and love.  I chose the interier papers in a black/white/red theme as this is Kelly's fav at the moment - as is pink and black - so I chose that for the cover.  Kelly is such a sweety I wanted to make her something from the heart, not just send her lots of goodies on their own (I still popped some goodies in her box though!) I even sent her some Vegemite!  I'll get my Sassy Sisters loving vegemite as much as me one day!!
Here's a look at some of the other things I popped in her box:
There's pineapple liquorice, tags, wooden shapes and a cute cherry mask - the vegemite is hiding in there under the tags!

I've also had the pleasure of making cards for two of my Sassy Babes - Kristy and Cyndi.  I'm still learning when it comes to card making, but it's so addictive!
This one is for Kristy - I made it nice and bright and cheerful for her
This one is for Cyndi for her 1st wedding anniversary.

And just an update on the tonsils - they are just about killing me!!  The pain is horrendous, but I just keep getting up and trying to be crafty cause it makes me feel happy, then when the shakes and shivers start I have a lie down.  DH is so absolutely wonderful and has been taking good care of me - he even bought me a huge bouquet/box of flowers for our 11th wedding anniversary on the 25th of March - I saw them when I opened my eyes first thing in the morning.  I'm so lucky and appreciative of everything that he does for me xoxo


The Scrappy Cottage said...

WHat a great gift to give. I am sure they loved it.....

Danielle said...

Awww I want to be your friend! lol! What a nice gift!!!! You have a beautiful blog I'm a follower now!

Jasmine said...

I'm with Danielle...what a thoughtful (and useful) gift. Your blog is GREAT!...and now I'm a 'follower'

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