A scrappy start to the year!

Well I ended the year scrapping with Amber, so I thought it prudent to continue that trend and scrap some more on New Years day!  Well actually I felt like a slug all day from staying up all last night, so I didn't start scrapping until just now!
I thought I'd share with your my gorgeous Secret Santa gift that I received from Rhonda (of the Sassy Blinging Babes Fame) - it's just out of this world amazing!!!  I absolutely love Edward and Twilight and was just crying when I opened up this package!!!  It's an altered cigar box with so much goregous detail, you have to see and touch everything (Sophia kept trying to knick the flowers!)  There's a bookmark, flowers, felt, bling, stamps, Cuttlebug dies and embossers, a Twilight pen, card, and mints - it's just awesome!!  I'm so spoiled!

 This is how I found my honey - ahem, box - all wrapped up and looking gorgeous with lots of little presents wrapped and ready to be discovered!

The sister I got to buy for was Shirley, I had so much fun buying girly things for her - I seriously just picked up a basket at my LSS and just started filling it with anything I thought she'd love - and Amber helped too! I also popped in some Australian goodies - you can see it by clicking below:

Secret Santa Gift - thanks so much, Sarah
by Jellyziva
Scrapbook.comIf you want your very own Twilight inspired altered box, you can find them in Rhonda's Etsy store - you're going to have a hard time trying to chose just one!!


AHadley said...

What an amazing gift!! Happy New Year! ♥

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Now thats the way to start the year.....