A long car ride

Back in November we took a family holiday up to my mum and dad's place for my brother's 21st birthday.  It was the most awesome holiday ever!  We had family and friends visit from all over and we chatted, drank, ate and laughed our way through 5 days of fun!  I got to meet my cousin who I haven't seen for over 15 years, Sophia got to meet her Uncle Andrew, and I got to catch up with my sister Mel, and our family from New Zealand were also over to meet Sophia - it was wonderful!

Now to get to my mum and dad's, you have to drive a long way - around 700km or 8 hours depending on how many times you stop to refuel, eat or have a run around to stretch your legs.  So I snapped a photo of what the girls got up to in the car on the way.

Amber had her own stash of DVD's which she played on our headrest DVD players.  She also coloured, read, and played with Sophia (read fought and yelled).  Sophia on the other hand, had her own stash of DVD's to watch on her own screen, had books to read, toys to play with, and Elmo phone which she constantly rang her Gramma on, Bear and Bun Bun to cuddle and fall asleep with and some pens and paper to colour in (when she wasn't colouring in her own hands and arms)

Thankfully both girls are really good travellers and even I managed to fall asleep (we left at 4am in the morning).  The trip was good, nice and cool due to all the rain.  Not to many road works or traffic and we were at our destination in no time ready to start the festivities!

For this layout I used Bazzill as my base, and then loaded up some cute travel patterns.  I filled in the holes in the title with clear Stickles, made some flags and lifted them with 3D foam tape, and went to town with some strips and my threading water punch!


Laurie! said...

So cute! I love the little flags.

Paper said...

Wow! I love your creations! You do great scrap booking. Very nice. Do you also do cardmaking?