Happy Birthday Sophia

I can't believe it - Sophia is two.  Thursday was her birthday, and we had a dinner party with her best friend from daycare, she had so much fun.  There was egg and spoon races, making Christmas fairies, jumping on the trampoline, playing in the fort, and playing in her new sand and water table.

Sophia's cake came from the Cheesecake shop and was absolutely delicious.  We of course had to have Dora on the top - Sophia loves Dora and was given a sticker book of Dora as part of her present from her BFF.  Today I am wearing most of those stickers!  The cake was sponge with cream and jam in the middle, covered in chocolate shavings, fresh pink cream and fresh strawberries.  Topped off with an edible picture of Dora.  In the photo we had sung happy birthday and blown out the candles when Sophia decided that she was going to the try the cake before anyone else!

This is Sophia at daycare - she took along heaps of tiny iced cupcakes for her friends to share.  They all sang happy birthday to her as she eyed off her treats (you'd think she never had a cupcake before!)  As soon as her daddy showed her the cupcakes she attached herself to his leg until he gave her one - no fruit that day!
Sophia loves her table with all the little toys, spinners, cups and funnels.  You can put sand in one side and water in the other.  At the moment we just have water - which Sophia loves.  The morning of her birthday I came out and found Sophia sitting (completely nude) in the table watching tv!  It would have made a great photo for her 21st!
Here she is (she has her painting apron on), with her baby in the water, using the scoop to pour water over her.  I had to drag her away from the table to go to daycare!  When she's finished playing it has a lid that goes over the top - the lid has a road on it for cars!


Diana Joy said...

Time goes so fast... She looks adorable with her cake and cupcakes. tfs.

Kozy Krafter said...

So very adorable!!

JadeCook said...

my little boy is about to turn 2! How sweet! It looks like she had fun! And I love the water thing she got!

senora_x said...

Such cute pics! Happy Birthday to Sophia!