Old is new again!

I joined in a challenge with the Sassy Blinging Babes last month that had me digging through all sorts of treasures in my local Lifeline, St Vinnies and Salvation Army stores.  Boy do they have some amazing stuff in there!  You never know what you'll find.  I chose these items:

I bought an old blue binder, an old hard covered book, a brand new single bed doona cover and would you believe some scrapbook stickers!

What I did with these things is this: First I removed the binder clip from the binder - this required some cutting and rough removal techniques, then I gently removed the pages from the hard cover book.  I then attached the binder clip to the inside spine of the book with brads.  Then the decorating began!!!  I found as many odds and ends as I could and created pages for my book.  It's a book all about a week with my family - everything from having breakfast to grocery shopping.  It's a work in progress, but I thought I'd show you it now.

There are tabs, to do lists, pockets, flowers, bottle tops, tags, butterflies, ribbons - anything that I could adhere with glue!  The gorgeous little flowers you see are made by my Sassy Sister Kelly from our flower swap - the butterfly is also from Kelly.  Okay, now for the inside:

The inside page has things I have on for the week, and the monkey page will have a blurb about the book.

A paper bag doubles as a pocket with reminders and stickers.

I tied a ribbon around these reminders - remember you tie a ribbon around your finger to remember something?

A little map of where I go in the morning to drop the girls off before heading to work

This is a clear pocket to put a shopping receipt in - who knows it could be interesting in 10 years and I'll actually thing shopping was cheap!  The page underneith explains what we do on weekends.

I'm going to put a cd of the girls dressed up, and some other photos from the week in here

This is an actual postcard I received from one of my Sassy Sisters - Shirley, when she went to China - I love getting happy mail!!  I'm also going to include 2 postcards that I received from my RL sister from her adventures all around the world.

Some of my favourite pages arn't here cause Blogger messed them up, but I will be putting them in my gallery over at scrapbook.com

Oh and the doona cover is going to be made into cushion cover for some European pillows that I have, so the girls can use them!  I'll keep you posted!


Sue said...

love the idea !!! I'm gonna try it...

senora_x said...

what great finds and love how you combined the binder and hard back book! beautiful and creative project!

JadeCook said...

Oh My Goodness that is so cute! what a great idea. And you did such a great job of preserving your memories

Scrappycath said...

Super project!!!!