It's electrifying!

There's nothing more fun on a sunny morning to be jumping around on the trampoline and zapping your sister when she gets too close!!  That's what Sophia & Amber do to each other!  It's so dry, that just dragging your feet around or wearing a woolen jumper makes you a walking zapping machine!

I was lucky enough on one such morning to catch Sophia resting after jumping, all charged up with static that her hair stood out like a halo around her head!  She has such fine soft hair that nothing could keep i t down.  As soon as she touched my arm though, we both go a zap and her hair stuck to her head!

I went really soft with the colours of this layout. The base cardstock is a really pale pink, then I used blues and pinks in the patterned papers and sheer ribbons.  That gorgeous flower you see in the corner was made by the very talented Candace, and arrived in the mail today!!!  What perfect timing.  It's absolutely stunning (I've also got a purple one) and I couldn't resist using it on this layout.  The only thing I added to it was some clear stickles around the petal edges (cause I just can't make a layout without stickles!).  The feathers and pearls are all part of the flower.  The butterflies are from my other Sassy Sister Kelly - I added a pearled pin to the flower and it just became the middle of the butterfly!

This rose is just so soft and delicate, the edges shine and curl towards each other - it's just beautiful!!  Thanks so much Candace!!!  You can see in this photo I've added some bling and bent the butterfly wings a little to add dimension.
(Blogger is at it again - annoying!) This is the organza bow that I made and added a button to the centre.  It's stitched in place.  The word "sweet" comes as a word and sparkles so nicely in real life.


Sue said...

This is so CUTE....Just love the colors and that flower .....WOW!!!!

Cindy Gay said...

The layout is very nice and how about those falling leaves on your blog?

senora_x said...

what an absolutely adorable, girly layout! Love it!

JadeCook said...

What a sweet LO! You picked the perfect colors! I love the ribbon, bow and flowers! Great LO!

Ria said...

Very always!

Love all your layouts!

Btw, your blog template is so pretty. I was so surprised to see 2 maple leaves falling on the cute!!!

Ria C
It's My Party
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WillieburgScrapper said...

That sky photo is fantastic!!!! Love her little Halloween outfit too!