Hi there!

Can you believe we're almost at the end of the month already?!  Summer is deffinately on the way with some warmer weather and the return of summer storms - which I love!!!  Which is why I'm so thankful to have a handy hubby who can build me a patio and rip up and redesign my entire backyard and prevent it from ever flooding again!!   I'm not sure I've ever actually shared photos of our finished patio, so tonight that's what you're going to get.
Okay, first a little background story.  We had a backyard that was surrounded in a dodgy fences, pebbles and Golden Cane palms.  The pebbles never stayed in the same place and were murder on the feet!  The fences were falling over and didn't match the new one on opposite sides of the yard and the palms took up so much room and harboured spiders.  Then there was the torrential down pour of 2007 which showed us just how wonderful our backyard could look UNDER WATER AND LAPPING THE BACK DOORS! So it had to go.  The fall of the yard fell towards the house instead of away, the pipes underneith were cracked and broken so water couldn't get away, the mains water was broken and started to leak, the existing patio was ramshackle, falling apart, rotting and sagging and had pavers, pebbles and bits of cement as it's bottom.

The above photos was taken shortly after we moved in - it looks innocent enough, but the hidden things are the pebbles at the bottom left (of the first photo)were for a pool that no longer exists, the little garden up the back hides a huge tree stump, and the patio floor hides massive chucks of cement, bottles, tablet packets and other miscellaneous rubbish the last owners left behind!  On the bottom photo, the fence way up the back is on such a lean it eventually could be pushed over and shook the house when it landed, the patio roof dropped in the middle cause it rotted and the clothesline couldn't even turn around cause of the palms.

The above video was taken one afternoon during a down pour, we literally had a moat around our house!

So the building, digging, pipe relaying, cement ripping up, patio pulling down and clothes line cutting up began.  Tune in tomorrow for some after shots!!


JadeCook said...

It doesn't look so bad from a distance, but sounds awful. The patio cover looks nice

senora_x said...

lucky you to be headed towards summer! I need to visit you! Our summer is coming to a close! So sad!

Nati Tristan said...

that's a lot of water!!

Sue said...

Handy hubbys are great to have....I know I have one also....lol