Tape it up!

What a fun challenge we have for you over at Scrap Your Crap!!  It's totally alternative, but is taking hold all over the scrapbooking world - what is it?  It's tape.  Apparently you can buy all sorts of decorative tapes for scrapping, I just haven't found any in my scrapbook stores, so I had to get inventive!!

The first tape I used was some floral tape - I bought it to wrap some sock roses that I was making, but it turned out that it wasn't adhesive!!  So I ended up with a $6 roll of tape and no use for it - UNTIL NOW!  This paper came pre-printed, and had a yellow border around the outside.  This sort of drew away from the photos, so I pleated and sewed the green florist tape to the layout!  Then I found an old yellow measuring tape I had lying around (yes I have a few), snipped it, and then layed it flat on my layout before adding the photos.  Now it's a little hard to see in the photo, but I've put some 3D foam tape under certain parts of the tape to give it a wavy effect.  The third piece of tape I used was some pink tape that I was given as a Christmas gift so many years ago - it's from Heidi Swapp and comes with about 4 other coloured tapes in varying sizes in a dispenser.  Anyway, I cut myself out a circle of white paper, then with the tape in one hand started to stick-and-pleat the tape into a circle shape.  It can be a little tricky, but not hard - just don't press too hard incase you have to reposition the tape.  Then I cut and distressed two more circles and layered them on top of the pleated circle and added a pink rhinestone and voila! a flower!!  Okay here's some closeups - I managed to salvage what was left of my layout after Cyclone Sophia got to it.  She loves the Possum pictures and happily pulled this entire layout apart (including the little birds, which I've painstakingly put back together just for closeups!)

This is the pleating of the floriest tape - I stitched it to mylayout with black thread.

This is the tape measure - you can just see the 3D foam tape underneith (can you see my photo is missing - it was Sophia's favourite and has been carted all over the house, into the car and stuffed in a bag and is no longer acceptable on a layout - eep!)

My little hand made flower - From bottom to top is: a white paper circle, pleated tape circle, two distressed circles in pp and a pink rhinestome on the top.

Now about the photos - this is Miss Poss - our resident "mummy" brushtail possum who visited my childcare centre (on pyjama day of all days).  She was grunting and and making all sorts of noises, when I climbed up to take a closer look it appeared she was infact in labour!  We called WIRES and they said she would most likely have her joey and then return to the bush.  So we made her comfortable in the shed she was calling home, with blankets, fresh water and cut up fruit.  Her favourite being apple and banana.  I just loved the way she would hold the piece of apple, and she would eat right down to the peal and then throw it onto the floor!  We spent a lot of time checking on Miss Poss and visiting with the children (we were very quiet so we didn't scare her as she slept alot after her Joey was born).  And no we didn't see the Joey, just what remained of the delivery - Possum Joeys (like kangaroos) are very tiny and travel immediately up to their mummy's pouch where they stay for several weeks until they are big enough to venture out.  The children loved seeing her out and thought she was a big cat!  I did manage to sneak a pat at the end of the day.  Miss Poss was sleeping and I gently patted her back - and she's SO soft (but if you saw her claws you'd know why I was very apprehensive and only chose to pat her when she was asleep!)

I hope you enjoyed learning about tapes and possums today :)


  1. love all the uses for the tape. great project. and such a great story.

  2. I absolutely love this layout!!! and He is adorable! I love the colors I love everything about it!

  3. Wow! Would have never thought tho use floral tape on a LO! It turned out awesome though!

  4. love the florist tape - great idea :D

  5. Wow! That pleating and stitching is quite impressive! You make it look easy but I've tried this before and never been able to get these results! You are talented!

  6. Love the story of Miss Poss. Thanks for sharing how you made the LO. Too funny that Olivia took possession of it.


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