Sock it to ya baby!

I have a baby shower to go to on the weekend, and wanted to make something special that no-one else will bring, so I made this bouquet!

Not only is it pretty - it's also practical!  There are 6 pairs of socks in there - 3 are for newborn, the other 3 for 6mths and older.  I'm really happy with how it turned out, since it's my first bouquet!  I found these roses selling individually for $6.99, and just knew I could make some!

Now who wants a tutorial?!  I knew you would, so I took a few piccy's while I was making my bouquet.

Okay - now for the first photo I used one sock, but then decided to roll a pair up at a time - you can choose, if you use one sock at a time obviously you'll have more flowers.

Take your first little sock and lay it out like this
Now start from the toe and roll upwards - doesn't have to be too neat, and not too tight
Once the sock/s are rolled up they should look like this
Now come the tricky part (don't worry it's not to hard once you get the hang of it).  Simply take the open end of the sock and fold it under the flower and then back up (like you are rolling up a pair of socks after washing them to store them in a drawer).  Then just play with your flower until you get the desired look.  Because you folded the sock over on itself, it should hold together pretty well.
Once you have the desired look for your flower, push a piece of florist wire into the hole at the bottom (don't push too hard as you'll go through the sock)
Then if you have florist tape (I just used clear packing tape), wrap this around so that the sock flower is adhered to the wire and the two don't come apart.  I just turned the tape around and scrunched it around the wire.

Now I didn't take photos of the next step as it varies, but I just added some green tissure paper to hide the tape, then I used a bunch of silk flowers and removed the baby's breath and leaves.  Some people like to add just one flower to the stem, I chose to use a few.  My leaves just slid off as one piece from the stems of the silk flower, then I just threaded them on the stem of my sock flowers - couldn't have been easier!  I put baby's breath on the flowers in the middle, and added leaves to all the stems.

Then I just arranged the flowers in a posy and then added some cellophane and ribbon
And there you have it - one really cute bouquet - this could also be altered for the mum to be with different coloured socks - you could also use lacy edged socks, or soft fluffy socks for a different look.  I'm also adding a little pink crystal pacifier and a soft grey elephant.


Darlene Servolini said...

That is SERIOUSLY too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Nichole said...

WHAT an CUTE idea! Can't wait to try it!

Shirley said...

These are absolutely beautiful AND cute! Great idea.. thanks for sharing!