Wow you can see my skull!

I'm pretty sure I'm safe posting this - the recipient is at a wedding tonight, and will hopefully be too busy preparing for my God Son's birthday tomorrow to check in here and see.  The mini album you see at the left is for my Austin's birthday.  It was really quite challenging for me to do something that was not only dark and slightly gothic, but also had not one piece of pink anywhere near it!  I did use some bling though - but it's black and clear, and I managed to slip in some jet black flowers (but only about 3).  I used papers from Kaisercraft and the album is from Kaisercraft also.  I bought a selection of ribbons in white, grey, brown and black.  I even scoured all the jewellery stores in the hopes I could find some more skulls, cross-bones or a key - I found a key!  I think the retailers thought I was slightly nuts, cause I didn't want to wear their jewellery, I wanted to pull it apart and use it as an embellishment - but so is the life of a scrapper - we see things others can't!  So here is my little mini album.  Austin is a very modern little boy - he's not covered in cutsey Eeemooo (Elmo for those who don't speak Sophian), bright blues and greens or even Bob the Builder - nope Austin is a rough and tumble, handsome little devil who is cool and stylish!!  So of course, his birthday photos will have to go in something cool and stylish too!

 Here's a little closeup of the key that I found.  It's actually a keyring - but the bling on it matches the bling on the album perfectly!  I really hope Amy (Austin-the-cool's mum) likes it, I was so afraid the ribbons and bling made it look girly!  I've also bought some books and a puzzle as a backup (cause at least Austin can play with the books - one lights up and has "toot-toot's" on it.  Austin loves trains, so I figured Thomas the Tank is fail-safe!


JadeCook said...

that is awesome! I have to get that skull and cross bones mini album for my friend lol

Alicia Wardrop Kaszazz Independent Consultant #7121 said...

You have to be one of the best friends a girl could have! Another Fabulous creation! I love it!