That is the sound of my sweet 18 month old Sophia when she sees anyone when we are out, or when she's trying to wake me up, or when she's waking up, or when she finds the phone and wants to have a conversation with the lady on the other end saying "the number you have dialed is incorrect, please hang up and dial again".  I was recently in my favourite scrapbook shop and as we were travelling down the aisle (Sophia was in her pram), she would say quite loudly "Heyoooo" and the heads of all the people around us would pop out from around the shelves and displays to reply to her - it turns out scrappers are a friendly bunch and like to talk back to her.  One old man couldn't believe he got an answer when he said hello first!

So I thought it fitting that I should do a layout on Sophia's talkative spirit, and use photos of the day I found her sitting on the computer table chatting away into the phone - she likes to multi task too and type away on the keyboard!

Here's a little close up of the flags I made.  I inked the edges to help them stand out in all that pink.  I used Stickles to create the string that they are "hanging" from.  The inspiration for this layout came from a Page Maps sketch

Keep your eye out - I'm working on Amber's camp photos tonight when Miss Chatterbox goes to bed - Amber had a camera all to herself to take whatever photos she wanted!


senora_x said...

such a cute page! love the banner!

KellyCali said...

Oh My Goodness! How stinkin cute is she! She's so very adorable & I love those photos! XO

p.s. I hope you'll there's a Emooo (Elmo) page someday as well! Hugs!

Amanda Sevall said...

How adorable is this?! I love that you used her word for the title!! :)