What a weekend!

Firstly I want to wish my best friend Amy a Happy Happy Birthday!  I whipped up this card this afternoon using a sketch over at Cardabilities.  I bought her a new vase to replace one that her wild and manic kitten broke.  Hope you have a nice day tomorrow Amy and you get some time to yourself.  (Her little prince is unwell, and she has to stay home tomorrow to take care of him)

Now on to my wild weekend.  It started off rather bad on Friday when I started to experience really bad pains in my chest.  I had been diagnosed with Angina over two years ago, and haven't had an attack for ages so this one came as a bit of a shock.  It didn't help that I had pains only 2 days before, but they didn't last long.  I was having such a lovely day with my kindy children outside, painting their hands to make elephants, and then I had to go home.  I decided that it would be better to get myself straight up to the doctors to look into this pain.  Thankfully they were really good and I got in straight away.  I ended up with an ECG, and then some blood tests.  The Dr was a little worried it was my heart from the results of the ECG, but he also said it could be (insert really long fancy word) - which really means inflammation of the muscles around my rib-cage - ie. I had overdone it while I was sick and had strained something and needed immediate rest or it would turn into something worse!  I was hoping it was anything other than my heart.  They couldn't find veins the first try and I was sent to a proper pathology clinic, then I was on my way.  Everything was marked urgent and I was sent home to rest.

I got home, and you know me (some of you do) resting just isn't in my vocab, so I tried to catch up on some chores - sore chest and all - then I got sprung.  Jas was sent home as soon as his boss found out about me, and he was home to make sure I didn't lift a finger!  So I sat and watched telly.  I wanted to scrap but didn't have any photos!  Darn it!!  Any way it wasn't long before my MIL arrived for a visit and she took care of the cleaning, she even did the dishes and fussed around the girls.  It was great to have her visit and the girls really enjoyed her too.  Jas ended up taking another day off to ensure I was okay, and by Saturday I only got chest pains if I did too much around the house.  We lounged out on the patio in the warm sun, played on the grass, napped and watched TV.  We even managed a spot of shopping for the girls (Nana money was burning a hole in Amber's pocket).  Sophia ended up spending her Nana money on a mobile phone that worked just like Nan's did, with the same sounds and all, and a yellow duck for the bath.  The girls both got some new clothes, shirts, jumpers and jammies - oh and a pair of slippers.  Then on Saturday afternoon we drove my MIL back over to my SIL where she was staying.  Amber cried the whole way home.  One day just wasn't enough with Nan apparently!

Today we've crammed an assignment that Amber should have been doing for the past 4 weeks - every day I've nagged about it, and every day I've been told not to worry about it - so today we crammed.  It's due tomorrow!  Thank goodness for my scrappy stash, cause we found stickers, markers, and all sorts that can be used for the project.  I also managed to make my God-son's 2nd birthday present, and make my BFF's birthday card (above)

Tomorrow is another busy day....


  1. So Sarah, you will be continuing to take it easy, right? right? right? Yeah, right. Don't overdue it. Oh by the way love that snake! Makes me miss teaching the little ones.

  2. Oh my goodness, Sarah...what a scare! Yes, you do need to take it easy!! That was so sweet of your MIL to take care of everything for you. That's what grandmas are for! :) Glad you're okay! Hugs!

  3. Hugs to you! Such a fright. So glad it was the lesser of the conditions. You'd best be taking it easy girl and recovering fully? Are you listening?? :)

  4. Fun card! I love cardabilities! :)

    Remember to take it easy now! Don't over due yourself! :)

  5. Take care of yourself. Don't overdo it!

  6. love your color choice...feel betta soon :)

  7. Hi Sarah, hope you are feeling better?

    Love your birthday card, very pretty and the flowers are just gorgeous. Great take on the sketch, so glad you could join us at cardabilities this week!

  8. Rest woman!!!!!! rest so your future can hold many more cute cards for us to drool on!!!

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  10. Rest, rest & then rest some more! I'm so very happy to hear that not only Jas' boss cared so much, but that your sweet MIL also stopped what she was doing & came to the rescue! Glad to hear that you are surrounded by those that love you most! You Hang In There! We'll talk to you & catch up soon enough! XO Big Hugs! ~Kelly

  11. Super duper cute card!! Thanks for playing with us at cardabilities!


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