Flowers for my friends

There is nothing nicer than getting flowers from your friends - especially when they make them themselves!!!  That's what we (The Sassy Blinging Babes) are doing this month - making flowers!  I have devoured every flower topic and blog that I can find, looking for the perfect flower for my babes - cause not just any flower will do!  I don't have a lot of wonderful supplies like glimmer mist or modge podge, so I had to make something with the supplies I have.  I hand picked the papers this morning, found some really pretty pencils in my stationary shop and bought out the lss of their green fabric flowers - so much so that I had to get 2 yellow!  I also bought some new ribbons!

I tried to think outside the box for my flowers, I figured they don't have to be flat, or even scrapbook album usable, so I went 3D, used sparkly two sided papers and created Kusudama Flowers!  Each flower is created petal by petal, then glued around a pencil.  I then wound green ribbon, added a green or yellow fabric flower to act as leaves, and then tied a matching ribbon around the "stem".  I would deffinately want one of these on my desk, I really hope the babes like them!

These are the first 3 flowers.  I picked a range of different coloured papers so that each flower is different.  The stems vary from green to blue.
And here are the other 4 - some have dots, the mauve one has subtle sparkles, and the red one is really oriental with gold timming.
Here's a side view of one of the pencils.  I thought the black ribbon went perfectly with the oriental paper.  All the other flowers are created the same, just different coloured ribbon and pencils and for some yellow leaves instead of green.  To the girls participating in the flower swap - just leave a comment on which flower you would like and I'll send it on it's way!



  2. Sarah, these are adorable!!! I cannot wait to have one at my scrap desk! I would be happy with any of them, but if I must choose, one with pink in it would be nice. :)

  3. They are gorgeous!!! Love them all!!

  4. So very cute & clever! They turned out really pretty Sarah! Thanks So Much For participating in our fun Flower Shower Swap! XO :)

  5. Sarah~
    These are the best!!! How clever to put them on pencils too!!! Like Candace I would be happy with any of them...but, getting to choose, I'd prefer one with pink, a darker pink would be even better!
    Really great job on these!!!

  6. Sarah, you always do a wonderful job creating! These flowers are no exception!
    Once again, great work! These are adorable, and SO creative!

  7. These are awesome. What a fun gift. I love cool stuff like that for my desk; I am sure your friends will love them, too. Gina L


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