So I'm choosing to blog about my Sweet-Pea tonight - why?  Cause she's indoors and guarding my scrap-studio door like she always does.  Normally she would be outdoors, but I just had a knock at my door by a police woman (I actually thought it was Sweeps banging at the door to come in!).  There's a massive fire in one of the factories near where I live (over a river a few km away), anyway it's spewing toxic fumes into the air and the police woman is going door to door advising us all to close up all our doors and windows to prevent breathing in the air.  Lovely way to spend the night!  Any who - so Sweeps is being pampered and is staying indoors tonight.  I think she's used up all her 9 lives in her 11 years with us, (she's a bit of a dare-devil) so I'm not going to risk leaving her outdoors tonight - even if there is a threat of her peeing on something.  I think she's getting old, cause she's totally house trained, but of late she seems to have a weak bladder at night (particularly on DH's shorts that he leaves in the bathroom!) I swear if she has an "accident" tonight she'll probably end up in a crab pot, so she better behave.  Sweet-Pea is our second fur-baby.  She was given to me as an anniversary present, and was only about 4 weeks old and tiny!  She has the loudest pur, loves to sleep on my tummy when I'm sleeping on my back, likes to bunt you in the face if she likes you - even the girls have taken to head butting her to say hello!  Oh and Sweeps doesn't know she's getting old, she acts like a kitty, runs about the house like she has "the mads", still climbs fences, chases birds and runs up trees.  She's very sociable and will pop out of anywhere to meet knew people and she loves raw mince and chicken (they're her treats).


KellyCali said...

Oh no, I hope the fire is extinguished quickly!...That can't be good!

As for your tale in care of your beloved Sweet-Pea, what a great journal entry for your day! She sounds like a very good & loyal kitty!


Mrs. Tristan said...

That would be scary.. I would freak out to think fumes could get to my kids. But that was great teh the police were advising people who didn't know what was going on. And i'm very happy to know that you remembered your kitty! She's beautiful!

Happy Scrapping!

-Nati T.

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Eeek. Hope the fire is out soon. Take care of yourself and the fam.