My blog has new clothes!

I finally found some "blog clothes" that has a tree in it!  I mean what's a title without a picture to match?!  This is actually an earth day blog kit, but I just fell in love with the colours and the little tree - it's perfect!!  Blogger has also released a new little gadget that runs along the top of my blog with quick links to all things wonderful!!

You can now see and learn all about ME when you click on "About Me", you can see my Scrap Studio and all the links to my tutorials!!  Keep watch cause I'm adding some more things up there as I think of them.  During this little project of updating Paper Tree, I've found I really need to do some serious filing of my photos!  I thought I was organised, but when it takes one over half an hour to find a photo - you're not filing things properly!  So that's my job tomorrow - file my projects and photos on the computer, and while I'm at it I think I'll back everything up to my external hard drive - YOU SHOULD TO!  You never know when the unthinkable might happen to your computer and you will lose EVERYTHING.  Don't let it happen to you (or me), go and back up your stuff!

So what did I do other than spend hours on my blog today?  Built a cubby out of sheets on the swing set for Amber, ran about the house entertaining a slightly fussy Sophia (she's cutting teeth and has a nasty cold thanks to the change of weather), won a ton of clothes on Ebay, did some weeding around our new veges and had a lovely walk with Sophia - the weather is so nice at the moment!


  1. Love the new digs! This is very pretty!
    kim xXx

  2. Beautiful new blog clothes ;) Sounds like you've had a productive and fun day!

  3. totally agree about backing things up. It has happened to us and it sucks when it does!

  4. great to see new look

    keep it up

  5. You are so right about backing up your info. My hard drive crashed about a month ago and I lost EVERYTHING! Didn't have anything on the computer backed up. I'm still tracking down pictures and bookmarks...

  6. Remember when we used to build cubbys together with sheets and our swing set....I feel old :-(

  7. Your new "clothes" fit you to a T :) Very pretty!

    Ria C
    It's My Party
    Handmade with Love

  8. Yikes! Photo organization is something I REALLY need to do too! It's a mess on my computer! Love the new "clothes!"


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