Mid-week post

Good golly I'm posting mid week!  Amazing!  And it's got nothing to do with a layout or something I've made.  Just some good ol' fun the girls and I had over the school holidays.

One of our favourite places to go is the park - you've probably seen the photos before.  Amber loves to run about the park and climb things and just generally be loud, while Sophia is still learning to explore, and this time was her first trip to the park now that she can actually walk!  She toddled around the bard covered floor, climbed up the slides (which she loves), and then stopped for a rest while her sister pushed her on the swing.  Sophia has now graduated to the toddler swing.  She used to be on the one with a 4 point harness and high back, but now she's a big girl!!  She was quite happy to sit and watch all the other kids running about - it was quite busy with lots of parties and BBQs going on around us.  Sophia also bought along her new favourite friend - her pink poodle.

Can you see him?  It's a little harness that we put on Sophia, and it has a pink leash for when she's out walking, so that she can't run off.  She loves to wear it!  I had removed the leash so she could wander freely around the park and couldn't get into any trouble.  Quite often she just wanders around the house with him on her back!
Isn't this just precious!?  Sophia climbed up on a bench for a rest after we had looked at the ducks and swans and then Amber sat next to her.  Sophia immediately had a drink from her sippy cup and then offered some to her sister.  So sweet it melts my heart!


  1. Very cute - I just love park pictures!! Glad you got to have some quality time with your girls. :)

  2. these are the days you should treasure. now that my kids are older and find each other annoying, it is these types of memories that keep me going some days. wonderful...Now scrap it!!!LOL

  3. Your girls are just adorable! Looks like a fun day at the park.

  4. Love it! Love the photo shoot, love the lamb, love all the love! :)

  5. You're girls are so cute. It looks like they had a great time.


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