An absolute delight - when she wants to be....

Yes my girls are little angels - arn't everyones?  Until they decide not to be and then it's a mix between tornado, terrorist, and garden fairy!  They can magically blow up my entire house in seconds, leaving me with the rubble to clean up.  I chose a photo of Amber for this weeks challenge over at Practical Scrappers - we have to use Rub-ons - which seriously are not my friends.  I don't use them very often, so this really was a challenge for me.  Either they don't transfer properly, our something else horrid happens and they make my layout look like a chook ran over it!  Any way, thankfully this time they behaved.  I found these beautiful rub ons in my stash that I've had for years, and as soon as I put them and Amber's photo of her upside down I knew exactly how I wanted my layout to look!  These rub ons reminded me of chandeliers (which I love!), so I added them to the layout, the using my sewing machine, created gold thread lines from the top of my layout down to them.  Then I hand sewed some orange seed beads and primas onto the gold thread to add interest.  What looks like journalling down in the bottom right corner is in fact a rub on from the same sheet as the others.  I doodled a border around the photo in black pen.  The photo was taken of Amber, head down - bum up after a swim - I thought it looked pretty cool!  She's such a funny girl!

Here's a closeup of the rub ons and the primas - I love the intricacy of the rub ons!  I added some bling to the centre of the white flowers and the rub ons.


  1. I so love the look of this LO!...I have some similar rub-ons that are just hanging on the rack staring at me. (Once I get caught up), I so want to try this! Consider yourself to-be-scraplifted my dear! You done good! :)

  2. This is beautiful, i didn't realise at first glance that these were rub-ons it looks like stitching.


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