Oink! It's Pig Day!

Yeah I didn't think there was such a thing, but apparently National Pig Day is on March the 1st and celebrates none other than - THE PIG!  Now Amber is a HUGE fan of pigs - we all know who her favourite is - Piglet - so I decided to surprise her with some piggy cupcakes when she got home from Karate on Monday!  I appologize for the dodgy photo - I took it on my iPhone at about 10pm, after they were put back in their box (hence why they arn't displayed properly), and they seriously dissappeared very quickly the next morning when Amber headed off to school!  Now it's Wednesday, and we finally have sun to take photos in, and there are no cakes left!  Amber loved them, considering she wouldn't eat one at the cupcake cafe in town!  I guess I'll just have to make more (there's a birthday coming up after all!) and get a photo of Amber with all her piggies!

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Manic Mother said...

Love them! how cute! I did not know about national pig day, good to know.