A trip to the dentist

Last September holidays, Amber was very brave and visited the dentist. I noticed she had a very inflamed gum and deteriorating tooth, so we visited the dentist to see what we could do. Amber had to have surgery with anesthetic to have teeth removed and some fillings. It turns out that Amber's 8 year old teeth hadn't even come through because the back teeth hadn't fallen out yet! And here I was thinking that it was great she wasn't loosing so many teeth! I've also been given permission to let her wobble her teeth when they get wiggly. I've always told her they will fall out in their own time - but apparently not. Amber did very well and was extremely brave going to the dentist. She couldn't eat all morning up til lunch cause they were running so late. Then after her surgery she came out thrashing and kicking - simply cause she wanted out of there and to go home! Amber was given a very special teddy from the dentist and a note for the tooth fairy explaining where her missing teeth were. (You can see it in the layout to the left - it's bright pink). Gramma also got Amber a special Beanie Baby teddy and we bought her a DVD to watch while she rested. Amber recovered unbelievably fast! I was so worried she would be in a ton of pain and constantly asked her, but she said she was fine. And by the next day she was back eating normally (just carefully) and chatting and running about the house again!

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