I love Christmas Trees!

So I made one! Over at Practical Scrapping we had to make a decoration - so I tried my hand at a Christmas Tree!

All I used was a foam tree shape, some strips of Kaiser Craft paper which I folded around a pencil to create loops and then adhered to the cone with pins. Then I gently wrapped some red ribbon around the tree and added some little poinsettia flowers with gold headed pins. The flower at the top is a die cut that I stuck on with a pin.

Then using Amber really cool snow - I showered it over the tree and took a pic! Now it sits out with my photo frames. I stands about 25 cm tall.

By the way Sophia's birthday party was great! She loved every minute once the presents and chocolate crackles came out! I'll post some pics when work lets me get back to my creative life!


  1. This is so adorable Sarah! Love your latest creation!!


  2. love the tree, very beautiful :D

  3. very very cool xmas tree...look like it took awhile bless you and your patience :)



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