Happy Birthday Sophia!!!

Can you believe my little princess is ONE! Oh my where did the year go? Only feels like yesterday I was lying in hospital just staring at how perfect she was and so thankful to have been given another beautiful daughter.

Sophia went to daycare today with a little pink suit that her Grandma Froggie sent her (*thankyou*), a pink tutu and glittery wings. She also took with her a Care Bear cake to share with her friends. I didn't get any photos of her big day, but I have photos of her cake that we celebrated with tonight after dinner. Sophia rocked out while we sang her Happy Birthday!! She loves to dance!
Sophia loved the fruit - especially the strawberry! She didn't like the sponge inside much though!
The above photo is what I got when I asked her to smile!
Having a munch of the corner of her cake - strawberry and fresh cream - yummmm!
And this is a photo of how Sophia went to daycare this morning - our little fairy princess.


laterg8r said...

happy birthday sophie - she is such a sweet fairy :D

Mighty M said...

Happy Birthday to Sophia - she is soooo cute! ;)

KellyCali said...

Uh! Those teeth, little cheeks & that smile! She's so very sweet & almost cute enough to eat Sarah!

Happy Birthday Sophia!