A Wet & Wild Trip

We all went to Wet & Wild today and had so much fun!! I pretty much relaxed in the wading pool most of the day with Sophia - meeting and chatting with mums and dads and their kids who loved Sophia while Jas took Amber on all the rides that would make me scream! Little daredevil!! It was a really hot day which was perfect for swimming but we burnt our feet everywhere that we went - so I don't have too many photos of our day. This was Jason's Work Christmas party for the kids so we were all under a large roof at one end of the park - so it was a bit of a hike from there to where we were swimming. Here are some of the photos I did get:

This is Sophia's little Wiggles boat that she swam in - we tested it out in the bath first. She love being tugged around in it - even in the wave pool!

Santa visited us all at the park - and here's Sophia opening her first Christmas present for the year!I think Sophia is thinking "OH MY GOD I GOT A CATERPILLAR!!"
Amber got a present from Santa too - she was so excited to get it home and give it a go - we now all have engraved pendants!YAWN! The end of a very big day for a little girl - Sophia did so well with only 1 hour of sleep during our lunch. She's wearing her little toweling robe and playing with her new toy - she loves to smack it's blue button and make it squeek!


laterg8r said...

i love that you tried out her boat in the tub first LOL!

she looks super excited to get that caterpillar - great pic :D

Ria said...

she's growing up :)

btw, look who's my fave crafter here