Gramma cuddles

I'm going through Sophia's album and trying to get it all up to date before her birthday - it's amazing how many photos I haven't scrapped yet! These are from when she was born - I guess all mum's can understand that hazy few months where nothing gets done around the house - including scrapping! So keep your eye out - I have quite a few layouts coming...
Aww my mum having cuddles with a very new Sophia. Mum's always been good at getting my girls to sleep on her shoulder! Mum's also nicknamed Sophia her "Poppit" since Amber is "Gramma's Girl". This is a really simple layout, cause I wanted the focus all on the photo.

Now for something really cute - just after Sophia's bath she was sitting on the floor playing with Amber's Rudolf (Hobby horse thing), it plays music when you press it's antler. Click on the video to see the end result!


  1. OMGAWDDD---how cute is that!!!---babies are so amazing--what memories!---remain blessed!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is the cutest thing ever! I am smiling so big...she is just too cute, rocking out! Love it!


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