Trick or Treat!!!

Here are my little spookies - we had a little photo shoot a few days ago (before we all ended up sick!) and these are my favourite pics
We had so much fun coming up with ideas for the shoot - don't you love our Wizard of Oz moment - the house fell on the witch! (I used a little PSP magic here - Amber was under the house alright, but it wasn't in anyway resting on her legs) We also had fun trying to keep Sophia's hat on cause she hates hats at the moment! Amber would drop it on as I took the picture! She's a great little assistant!


  1. those pics with the apple are my fave - awesome shoot :D

  2. the fingernails! apple pics are my fave too. happy day!

  3. you're really great Sarah. I wish you can be my tutor :) If only you live nearby, I will sign up for your arts and craft class. Love you photos and love your work...

    Just curious, do you sell your handmade cards?


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