A wonderful visit!

I have just spent a wonderful weekend with my sister!! She came up from Sydney and got to meet Sophia for the first time. Sadly the girls have both come down with a terrible cold, but they loved playing with their Aunty and showing her all the things they could do! Particularly Sophia who has be crawling non stop and is now venturing into the kitchen and my scrap studio! Sophia is very cuddly at the moment so loved having Aunty cuddles and actually fell asleep on Mel! We didn't plan anything exciting (unless you count the unexpected excursion to the dr's office as exciting!), just lots of catchup and relaxing. Amber got to ice biscuits with her Aunt too! Here are a couple of pics - I did get one of Mel and I - Jas took it, but it came out really blurry :(

(Hahaha Mel - you're on my blog!) And yes I'll keep your toothbrush so you have to come back and visit!


laterg8r said...

very sweet pics - so glad you got a visit with your sister :D

jacque4u2c said...

Great memories!