Getting wiggy with it!

If there is one thing Amber loves to do it is dress up - particularly as a princess. First it was Ariel and now we have moved onto Aurora - and it doesn't stop at the dress - nope we have the wig too! So on this particular day Amber was going to fly home from school where I would be waiting with dress and wig for her to put on and then race back to school to attend a disco. I was patiently (read painstakingly) brushing the wig in a effort to make it look decent (talk about knots!) when I saw Sophia coming towards me on the floor. I had a bright idea and thought - why leave her out of the fun?! So I put the wig on Sophia and she loved it - what we ended up with were some hilarious photos and even a video! She kept it on for about 2 minutes before pulling it off and playing with it (there goes all the brushing!). See what you think - so far most people think she's either a porcelain doll or a Cabbage Patch Kid!I scraplifted the design of this layout from KimA over at 2Peas. The little clear things at the bottom of the layout are the stand that's holding the layout. This whole layout is done using scraps - and I even cut out a large square from the back of the base card to reuse. I didn't have ribbon to go with the layout so I cut a piece of blue cardstock, trimmed the ends like a ribbon and distressed the edge.

Here you can see the "ribbon" I created is adhered with a couple of staples (top and bottom), I cut and distressed the wing of the bird, doodled around the shaped paper that I created myself, and scallop punched several strips of the blue cardstock and layered them. I also added stickles to the pp and the birds eye for sparkle.

I don't know what that little fastner is called but I was given it by a friend years ago - I pulled some "sweet & sassy" ribbon through it and fastened it with a butterfly brad. You can see the distressing a little better here.

Note: I also doodled the title myself. I really need to find some good letter stamps!


Lauren said...

She's so cute! Absolutely adorable. And I love that "ribbon" you made, it looks great!

Design it Chic said...

this wigged out thing is cute:)
Thanks for stopping by the other day!
Happy Friday!

*fellow SITSta here:)

laterg8r said...

omg - that is soooo adorable. i make bald babies, perhaps a wig is in order LOL :D