Farewell to an awesome teacher

We only have one more week left with Amber's teacher and then she is leaving. We're going to miss her terribly but totally understand her reasons. So a group of us mums put our heads together to organise something nice for her - and something the kids could join in on too. We're having an afternoon tea tomorrow, complete with cake and a present I've been working on for the past 2 weeks. I bought a frame, had a new mat (purple) made to fit the frame, an 8x10 photo will go in the middle and all the children in the class have signed around it. We got the photo a couple of weeks back when all the kids including our beloved teacher were dressed in costume. She has no idea what I've been up to every morning sneaking kids out of class (before school actually starts) and getting them to sign the frame! Another mum is organising a big cake for everyone too! Can't wait to see her face.

Now because this teacher doesn't have my blog address I can show you what I have made for her. I was very lucky last week to obtain her camera card with photos from the excursion to the rail museum. She had photos on there of her trip to the beach. I instantly knew what I had to make - that and she's just moved into a new house with her partner - see what you think...
If it looks crooked it's only the photo - I didn't scan this layout as there are too many lumpy things. I love this ribbon - it reminds me of seaweed. I used clear tape dots to adhere it to the layout and then to reinforce it I hand sewed some pearl beads - pearls remind me of mermaids! You can see the doodled border around the photo too.

This shows the little photos better - I raised them on 3D foam tape, the middle photo is raised even higher to help it stand out.
I chose this title as I wasn't 100 percent sure where the photos were taken. You can also see the edge of the paper clearer. I distressed it with the blade of some scissors and then made some tears. Then ran it through my sewing machine twice to create lines and adhere it to the base cardstock. I also added some buttons, starfish and charms. The charms were threaded onto the ribbon and there are small knots along the ribbon also.
Another close up of the stitching and the starfish - you can see I added some tiny bling too - for sparkle.
I really wanted to capture the beach and frame it for Amber's teacher - to remind her of a wonderful weekend away. This layout now resides in a white shadow box frame ready to be given - I can't wait!!


Ashley said...

Wicked awesome layout! Love the beachy feel to it!

laterg8r said...

love the pearls and starfish - great LO :D

Julie Camacho said...

Sarah~ It is beautiful!!