Cupcake Pops

So I realised today that it's the end of September - and I'm going back to work in just over a month (ho hum), and I really need to get my tush into gear and organise Sophia's first birthday. Well I stumbled over the most wonderful website - Bakerella - omg I think my eyes put on weight just browsing!! So I fell in love with their cupcake bites. I decided that today I was going to test run them and see how they turn out. Amber and I have had the most fun ever in the kitchen, melting chocolate (with which Amber promptly started to dip chilled strawberries into - a girl after my own heart!), baking mini cupcakes, and sprinkling and icing!! Yes I altered Bakerella's recipe a bit - I figured mini cupcakes would do the trick (and they did!). Here is how they turned out:How cute are they!! The final version at the party will be on lollipop sticks (we could only get a hold of skewers today), and we've decided to go with melted white chocolate on the top instead of what's here - the pink icing that came with the cupcake mix - only because it hardens and we'll be storing the pops in their own little baggies tied off with ribbon. The above pops have butter icing which won't go hard. Wanna see the inside?

My darling Amber multitasking - she's being the photographer's assistant by holding the cupcake and the background! As you can see the inside is strawberry cupcake and oh so yummy!

All we did was bake the mini cupcakes, wait til they were cooled, ate some of the dark chocolate melts while waiting, melted the chocolate that was left, dipped the bottom of the cupcakes into the hot chocolate and put upside down on pizza tray. When all cupcakes are coated we put them in the fridge to set. Then we mixed up the icing, pushed a skewer through the bottom of the cupcake and started to ice, and sprinkle. Then we had to try one.....and another.....time to pull out the Wii and go for a jog me thinks......


  1. Don't you just love Bakerella? I drool over her site all the time. She is famous for her cake pops. Yall did a great job creating them! Those are too cute. They look super yummy, too!

  2. omg - those are terrific, i bow down to your baking skills - i have none LOL :D

  3. Those look delicious - and super fun!

  4. oh my goodness... I want one of those now!! they look so yummy!

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