Catch Up..

Walks in clearning cobwebs and scaring away the owls roosting in the ceiling. My poor neglected blog and readers! Sorry I've been away for so long! I've been so busy with school, study, one very mobile little girl and getting stitches in my face! So I'll start at the beginning...
PhotobucketFirst up we had Amber's disco at school - she had to go dressed in a themed costume of her favourite tv character - she chose Sharpay from High School Musical. I asked her why she like Sharpay and Amber replied "cause she's rich" - that and she got to wear her wig again! Unfortunately Amber missed afternoon tea this particular day cause the disco started right after school and having to dress and set her hair - she ended up grumpy and unwilling to pose for photos. She looked so pretty though!
PhotobucketThen came bookweek and the children had to dress up as their favourite character and perform on stage with their classmates. There were children from Prep to grade 6 and awards were given out. No guesses for who Amber went as - Sleeping Beauty (Aurora), as we walked from the carpark we had to cross the road where the lollipop man was - he got down on one knee as Amber approached and said "Oh I am not worthy!" to which Amber replied "well you could go and stop traffic for me!". Amber spent the day ordering everyone around!
PhotobucketWe've also had a train museum excursion in there - which I'll post as a separate post with photos and I've been running around like a mad hen trying to gather signatures to go in a frame for Amber's teacher who leaves in a week! All the while ensuring that she doesn't see or find out about it! Phew
PhotobucketOh yes and my minor surgery - well I had to have a suspicious spot removed from my cheek - right on the cheek bone. I have 2 stitches and it's wonderfully puffy! Hopefully it comes back clear and I can use it to explain to my kindy kids the perils of not wearing a hat - which I do all the time at work, but forget at home! Bad bad bad!!!


  1. my girls love to dress up as "princess beauty" too. love that yours started ordering everyone around - she's got the idea.

  2. WOW! Sounds like you've been super busy! We're having a "Storybook Ball" at Girl Scouts in March...I wonder how many girls are going to come as their favorite princess. Personally, I'm going "Alice in Wonderland" all the way!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful week...well minus the surgery :) hope you are feeling better. Sounds like Amber's school is way too fun :)

  4. You have been busy! Hope your recovery from your surgury is quick!


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