Who would I like to meet?

Okay so this has taken me days to decide. It's something that I've never actually given much thought - I mean really who would want to meet me in return?!

Anyway I've come up with my answer - my wonderful online friends! I know you all by your little avatars, quirky little pictures that relate to something in your lives and sometimes a tiny version of yourselves. Slowly I get to know you all, through blogging, scrapping, journalling and more recently snail mail!

I would love to see where you live, what things you enjoy doing and just spend time getting to know you better (in a non-stalker kind of way!)

For now - I'm sending you a big ol' virtual {{{hug}}}


laterg8r said...

(((Hugs))) right back at ya :D

Ashley said...

Thanks Sarah! ::hugs:: for you too!

Bustie McGoo said...

What a great answer!

Tali G said...

That is an awesome answer :)