Powerpuff Girls

So we have a challenge over at SB.com to use this sketch:Now looking at this sketch I wouldn't have normally picked it to try - so many different shapes and it's an 8.5 x 11.5 page. So this was a real challenge. Amber and I deliberated over the layout for a full hour before going and watching the Simpsons to clear our head. She chose the Powerpuff Girls photo that was taken at Seaworld back in 2006. We both chose the colour scheme and Amber asked if we could add some Blossoms - which worked perfectly for my other challenge "Use it or lose it". So here it is:

I added the black outline around the layout so that you could see the white cardstock easily (and the edge of the paper.) Oh yes and I doodled my own cartoons of Professor Utonium and Mojo Jojo. Now Amber has just informed me that despite my best efforts of googling the names of these girls - turns out the information given to me was wrong. I labelled Amber's favourite girl as "Buttercup", when in fact it's "Blossom" - the girl standing behind Amber.

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