Playing in the garden

A few days ago I took the girls out to play on the lawn, the weather is really warming up now, and because our backyard is mid-renovation we only have nice lawn out the front! So Amber played ball and Sophia happily played with toys on the picnic rug - until she found the clover flowers. She loved them, attempted to crawl over to them and actually picked one! Then she tried to eat it.These are a series of photos of Sophia playing with her flower and then eating it - we have these flowers everywhere at the moment! I also used this layout in the "Use it or lose it" Challenge - I got to use the last of my daffodils. The orange flowers and flourishes are on acetate that I shaped - and then I added some yellow pearls. Here's some closeups:

You can see the pearls better here - and the title is glittery. The little butterfly has it's wings bent for dimension.
And the daffodils - they're 3D. The litle purple dots on the shaped paper are sparkly too - it's actually half a piece of shaped cardstock.
There will be another layout coming with Amber playing too.


  1. so cute - i love that you let her eat the clover and took pics too :D

  2. Hi Sarah! What an adorable LO! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I love your Word Verification post too! Too funny! I've noticed the funnies too but never thought to post them. Thanks for the laughs! Love your blog!


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