My Two Prawns

You know when you've been in the bath or pool too long - and you become a "prune", well Amber says "prawn"! It cracks me up every time she says she looks like a prawn, so I did a layout of it - and of course Sophia is in there too!

The bubbles are raised on 3D foam tape for dimension, and it's a little hard to see here, but there is a pink dotted and swirly transfer over the main photo.

I also added some little blue "droplet" stickers to look like water. I used a Pagemaps sketch for this layout.


  1. does she know what prawns are? that is too cute.

  2. Very cute. Interesting how you achieved those effects.

  3. Love your blog header it is so cool

  4. awww, so adorable! I love the bubbles, and that pic of the little one is too cute!


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