Motivation found me!

Well I was waiting long enough and it finally arrive - my mojo! Stupid thing went off in a huff cause I was studying. So already this morning I've scrapped and photographed my layout and I've designed and hung up some of my layouts! I've been wanting to do this for a while as there has always been an empty space above my IKEA shelves, I knew what I wanted, just never got around to doing it. Then I changed the bathroom curtains (that came with the house) to blinds and voila! Instant mojo. I repurposed the rod, bought some hooks and some shower curtain rings from IKEA and now have 4 of my favourite layouts hanging in my scrap studio. I can inter-change them at whim as the layouts are hung in page protectors which open at the left - I just slide out the layout I want to file and slide in the new one. (I also put a note in my album where I want the layout to go so that my album is still in order). Now for all that to make sense - a picture:The only tricky thing about this was perching on a chair, over-hanging the shelves and all the things on top - while holding onto a pencil, laser level and tape measure all at the same time - but I'm a girl, so I managed! There's a groovy feature of these page protectors too - they have a little pocket next to the holes that you use in your binder that you could slide some dowell into if you are worried the page protector might bend over time.

Now for a new layout! I scrapped the photos of Amber in her Gelli Baff - I gained inspiration from the new August Pagemaps:

The base is Bazzill, which I then painted random lines of white paint onto. I then added a strip of cherry pp and sewed a border around the whole thing. Then I added the photos (matted on white cardstock), sewed on some ribbon and added embellies and journalling. The pink dots you see can be seen better in this close-up:

The pink dots are pearls - I thought they were perfect imitation Gelli Baff droplets - which got everywhere during play! The ribbon was randomly folded and stitched with my machine.


  1. so glad you got your mojo back - great page. great idea to hang up some pages too - TFS :D

  2. Wicked cool scrappy area! Maybe I should convince my mom to start hanging up idea may have merit! Thanks for the idea! :)

  3. Those are great pages and an awesome way to display them.

  4. Sarah- Hope your day is better today! I love what you did with your LO's. I love this new one. Especially the ribbon. I am going to go pick up my grandma's sewing machine today. Can't wait to learn how to incorperate it into my LO's.

  5. beautiful room! I love that little tree I can see in the background. Cute idea, did you make it?


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