Challenge #14

Okay - so I'm in charge of the challenges this week - and my first is an interview - to get to know my fellow Journalling/Blogging Pals! Here goes....

1. What are your other favourite things to do (other than blog or scrap)? - I love to create things out of felt, sew clothes or quilts for the girls, make cards, play games on the computer and read!

2. Where or who do you gain inspiration from? - Absolutely anything is fair game, it could be a colour, picture on a wall, the way the sun shines on something, something funny one of my daughters says or does or something I've heard or seen online. And it usually hits me at about 10pm when I'm trying to go to sleep!

3. What do you like to do to relax? - deffinately read, I can lose myself in another place or time - or be someone else for a while and leave my troubles behind....

4. What is your favourite kind of music? - Depends on the moment, sometimes I really like to crank up the music and sing loud! Other times I'm happy to listen to anything in the background. Deffinately 80's music and pop - I don't go for heavy metal and bizarre satanic music

5. Do you have a scrap or creativity space - can you show us a picture? (This could also be a pic of a place you like to spend time in or at) - Yes thanks to my wonderful husband!

This is my little sanctuary where I can lose myself in crafty wonders! I also thank Ikea for all my furniture!

6. What's your favourite food? - anything chocolate, mint and pineapple!

7. Are you afraid of anything? - Yes deathly afraid of frogs. I often think I've grown out of my irrational fear and then I see one - one minute I'm standing on the ground, the next I'm on a table!

8. Do you have a favourite tv show? - NCIS, CSI, Bones, Crossing Jordan, The Amazing Race & Grey's Anatomy

9. Do you collect anything? - I used to collect decorative erasers and stamps, now it's probably scrapping things and anything that I can alter! Oh and Teddy Bears, but I haven't bought one in a while

10. If you were sent to a desert island, and you could take 3 things, what would they be? (it could be anything!!) - Well deffinately my camera, a swiss army knife and a comfy tent.


laterg8r said...

love getting to know you better :) great post

Ashley said...

Awesome scraproom and a very great interview!

valentine said...

wow, what an incredible craft room! i would love to have something like that one day. srsly, half of that room would be awesome!

Tali G said...

Great answers, love the scrap room it is awesome.